Built in Espresso Machine Corium Collection

• Top and bottom bevelled stainless steel trimmings
• White backlit Intelligent Touch LED Controls
• Fully automatic
• Adjustable coffee spout
• Slider drawer or system for easy access
• Pump pressure: 15 bars
• Water tank capacity: 1.8L
• Coffee tank capacity: 200g
• Automatic cappuccino and latte frothing milk jug
• Automatic rinsing and descaling functions
Adjustable programme modes:
• Coffee quantity (espresso, small, medium, large, mug)
• Coffee temperature
• Water quantity
• Water temperature
• Fineness of coffee grind
Dimensions of product (mm):
Actual: H456 x W595 x D412 (including plug)
Built in (min): H450 x W560 x D550